Eleanor’s Story

Eleanor Mills in front of QEI logos with hair down

Eleanor was 11 years old and passionate about Harry Potter novels when she remembers her sight starting to deteriorate. Diagnosed with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON), she has 1% or 2% vision depending on the day and is legally blind. Eleanor uses a mix of her memory, voice assistants, magnifiers and screen readers in her daily life.

Eleanor developed an interest in genetics as a result of her eye condition. She fell in love with computing, completing a dual major in Bioinformatics at The University of Queensland. She is now a Senior Developer at Brisbane-based tech company, TalkVia, and was involved in the development of the voice-activated guide technology showcased in the Last Seen 2019 exhibition.

Eleanor’s favourite memories include travelling with her parents to the National Museum of Australia, the art gallery, and Floriade, the flower and entertainment festival. She recalls the brisk winter mornings, and the fields of vibrant orange, yellow and red tulips especially, before she lost the ability to see the colour red. Artist Naomi White has painted this memory with six visitors walking through these tulips in the background of the painting with large trees and the leaves of one tree in the foreground.

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Naomi White

Naomi is an Australian Landscape Painter who has won and been selected as a finalist in various art awards including the Wynne Prize, Tattersalls Landscape Prize, Fleurieu Biennial Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize, John Leslie Art Prize, Bermingham Prize, and Calleen Art Award.

Naomi utilises a variety of mediums to depict our natural world. She responds to the way light can alter and enhance the textures of our landscape, through paint and mark making chasing shadows and seeking to immortalise fleeting colours that adorn flora and its surrounds. By depicting rainforests, bushland and our coasts, close to home and through travel and residencies across the country, she documents the variations of the seasons and the land, striving to evoke an emotional reaction rather than one based on pure observation.

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Naomi White sitting in studio in front of her painting with dog nearby on the floor


Photo of Hudson Beck sitting in chair and facing camera
Hudson Beck

Hudson Beck is a third-year composer at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University studying a Bachelor of Music.

Since starting his studies in 2019, he has composed more than 20 original pieces for a variety of ensembles including string quartet, big band, and symphony orchestra. His career as a composer was cemented by winning the Queensland Music Festival’s composition competition three years in a row from 2016-2018 in which he scored 5 films made by Griffith Film School students. Since then, Hudson has taken on several musical projects including writing the score for the QCGU acting school’s performance of Mr. Burns – a Post Electric Play, assuming the role as musical director for his event band, MINT, and starting his own engraving and music preparation business, Hudson Beck Music Services.